Saturday, July 5, 2014

More ta-dahs

Yay for sunlight. I could finally get some nice pics of the blankets I've finished off recently and another progress shot of my WIP...
Cindy approves, although really I could have put anything on there and she'd be on top in a snap.
This is definitely my favourite blanket so far. The bright happy colours, the pixelated effect, the rainbow progression...
So soft and snuggly.
And that border....mmm
Happy kitty.
This is another finished one, this time for Henry. I wanted to use up all of my stash and this definitely did a good job. Using 3 strands at a time and a 10mm hook, it's a pretty heavy blanket. Lucky I didn't plan to make it bigger!
I do love the effect and it'll be great for those extra cold nights or even as a rug to lounge on.
I'm already 2/3rds finished with this WIP now. It's finally long enough to really snuggle under while I work away at it, but I'm already getting a bit bored. I'm still not sure what to do for a border on it, though. Ideas?


  1. oh so lovely blankets ! like them ! for the border, I like simple ones with little picots after 1 or 2 rows of dc. Cuddles to your cat ! Have a nice day !

    1. Thanks Geraldine :) I love picot borders too. Just a little bit fancy, but doesn't detract from the main blanket. Thanks for popping by!

  2. Three lovely blankets, but I love the thick one! Must be nice and warm.


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