Monday, June 30, 2014

Ripply work in progress

Woo it's school holidays! We're away on holiday this week and I'm loving having some time to crochet in new, peaceful surroundings without the pressure of housework niggling at the back of my mind. How lovely is it to stay somewhere when you know someone else will clean up for you!?
Windy, cold, but beautiful.
My current ripply stashbuster afghan is a third done. Now, I say stashbuster as the majority of the yarn is from my stash, but I was running out of the pinks too quickly. Luckily I found a yarn shop in the small fishing town that we're holidaying in and they just happened to have the right colours! It was meant to be. :)
I'm on the hunt for some new hooks too. These are all of the 4.0mm hooks I have, which is the size I use most of the time. The yarn store here has some Knitpro soft touch hooks, so I might try one of those. I know a lot of fellow crocheters love the clover ones too, but I'm worried they'll be too chunky for me. I'm used to using the top aluminium style. Shelley from Spincushions did a mammoth comparison of crochet hooks a while back and she recommended the Knitpro waves. You can check out her blog here. Anyhoo, I'll update when I've given it a go.

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