Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Messy Old Week

So my plan to get all of the Christmas outfits ready for the expo this weekend kind of went out the window and became a week just for me and Henry. We tried out a few new ideas for messy play as we realised he doesn't exactly like getting his hands dirty, although I don't blame him for not liking vegemite hands.
First up was "Yoghurt Finger Painting". All I did was add food colouring to some baby yoghurt we already had in the fridge and put it in a separated plate. At first he was pretty hesitant, but by the end he was sucking the yoghurt out of the plate and rubbing it all over the table. I'd say that's a win!
Next up was "Rainbow Rice" which is just dry rice I coloured by putting 1 cup in a zip lock bag with a tablespoon of vinegar and enough food dye to make it nice and bright. I shook it up to mix the colour in and then dried the rice out on a sheet of waxproof paper. Yep...I'm going to be finding rice for yearrrrrs!
Yesterday we had a go of "Rainbow Spaghetti". You make this by cooking spaghetti then colouring it in a zip lock bag with a tablespoon of oil and some food colouring. This one wasn't as popular although this mummy was smart putting it in the paddling pool outside! I had to rinse it off under water to get the excess food dye off, but bub was still coated in a rainbow poo kind of smear. I think what he didn't like was that as it dried out, it stuck to him. Oh steps.
This evening I made some Play Dough using jelly as the colouring, although I had to add just a touch more food dye to make it bright. The recipe is from Learning 4 Kids. We might try this out tomorrow - who can't love play dough?! I may have to join in on this one hehe.
OK so I did get a couple of dinosaur beanies done and some bodysuits moustchio'd to come!

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