Thursday, October 3, 2013

MC Hammer Pants

Hammer time! So, Henry's still crawling. There is a lot of baby packed in there and so most pants in the stores are either too skinny (why oh why do babies need skinny leg pants) or too low at the back cos of his huge nappy clad butt and when he crawls around his crack hangs out. Enter the awesomeness that is harem pants...or MC hammer pants lol.
The pattern is by Suburbia Soup - another freebie and the fabric is a gorgeous soft cord from Spotlight. I made these in the 18-24m size but they're still too long for the little man so I just rolled up the hems. They should last him for a long while...fingers crossed!
Being all nonchalant...

The pattern also has options for pockets in the sides and outer pockets near the knees, so I'll try that next. I love them - plenty of room for him to move about freely and they're not too tight around his massive belly. This makes me happy :)

I also finished a Spock beanie for a custom order going to the US...I had to try it on bub. tee hee...
This is the 2T-4T size massive headed munchkin. You can order one on Etsy!

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