Thursday, October 17, 2013

Christmas has begun

Yay! Christmas is coming! My favourite time of year! Every year I like to have a colour scheme and it usually ends up with me buying a whole load of new decorations, mostly from Myer. Ooh their displays are gorgeous. This year I'm thinking of going a bit untraditional and using pink...but more on that another day.

In the meantime, the Christmas orders have started rolling in for Bebe Bouton, which is so exciting as it means I get to dig into my new christmas fabric stash.
Yep, chevron is still kicking along. I do still love it. I also love that it's ok to be bright and colourful for Christmas - bring it on.
Eep aren't these shoesies delicious? There's a bodysuit coming to match these and the shorts for a photoshoot. *Update - now available to order in store at Bebe Bouton*

Oh, and I tried out patterned applique! Normally I just go around one shape, like on my moustachio tops.
Again...delicious! I think I might have to add this kind of thing to the shop. I love how the raincloud one came out. The raindrops were a bit fiddly, but so effective.

I've been getting a lot of initial top requests lately too, which are great little christmas pressies...
Busy busy busy - love it!

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