Sunday, December 1, 2013

Another finished blanket and a SALE!

What the...when did it become December already? This year really has been a crazy one, especially with a toddler and a new business in tow. Fun, though!

Do you remember the balls of yarn I had lined up for my sister's new blanket? Well - it's done already! This time I didn't use the ripple blanket pattern (shock horror) from Attic24, but a chevron one that used my favourite stitch, hdc. Yes, I'm a nerd who has a favourite stitch. Mostly because it uses the least amount of "yarn overs" and it's fast.
The pattern I used is from String With Style and I found it much faster to work up than the ripple pattern. It worked out as a bit bigger than a lap rug, so nice and snuggly for when sis moves to the colder climates.

Since it's December, Bebe Bouton is on sale. Today's Day 1 of our 12 Days of Christmas Sale and bow ties for little boys are down to $15 - bargain.

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