Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ripple Blanket Pattern from Attic24

I came across this ripple blanket pattern by Attic24 a while ago when so many people linked to it from their blanket creations on Pinterest. Since then, I've finished three blankets and I'm almost half way through my fourth...
The first ripple blanket - this one was a loooong term project. My speed was pretty bad at the beginning - lucky SIL was gifted this one for her birthday :)
My second blanket - we repainted our bedroom just before Henry came along and it needed a pop of colour. I love cuddling underneath this colourful mood lifter!
The start of something wonderful...
I'm so in love with how my rainbow ripple blanket turned out! Hmm I wonder who will receive this ;)
A work in progress - I'm about half way done so far as it's a large 60" square but I'm loving the sunny yellows.
Crocheting a blanket of sunshine in the sunshine - yay for summer!
Number five will have to wait until I finish the sunshine one, but this is the idea of colours. Neutral with a little zing of the mustard yellow - for the sis this Christmas. I asked her to pick out colours from my enormous stash.

Thanks Lucy for this awesome pattern - I'm a convert forever :)

PS - I use mostly 8ply acrylic yarn by Moda Vera Marvel available at Spotlight.


  1. Hello, do you happen to know what colour that mustard yellow yarn is? I have been crocheting a blanket myself and need more of that colour, but when I went into Spotlight they didn't have it. It looks like they may have even discontinued it which would be the kiss of death for my project. I was told to find out the colour and see if I could get it at another store, but don't have the ball band...

    1. The mustard is called Curry, but they discontinued it over a year ago :( I've hunted myself to get more. I have found there's a checkheaton one that is similar if that helps..

  2. Your color combinations are lovely!!


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